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Welcome to Fuelstar Cleanburn

Fuelstar Cleanburn is a brand name for a system installed to engines which gives a more complete combustion or fuel burn. It has application with diesel, petrol (gasoline), LPG (propane) and heavy fuel oil.

What is not generally known is that diesel engines running at normal loads in the 45-55% range are not all that efficient inasmuch as they do not give a complete fuel burn. This unburned fuel goes out the exhaust as hydrocarbons or, in the case of partly burned fuel, as carbon monoxide. The Fuelstar Cleanburn system reduces the unburned and partly burned gases, making the engine more efficient. This leads to reduced emissions (cleaner air) and lower fuel consumption.

The system will also prevent the accumulation of soot and sticky substances within the internal engine operating surfaces (such as piston crowns and turbo blades). An engine in new condition (just run-in) in say a truck, might achieve 8 mpg. After several months running, as the soot etc accumulates, the fuel efficiency might drop to as low as 7 mpg or even lower. The Fuelstar cleanburn system will purge the engine of these substances and restore the fuel efficiency to something like 8 mpg, for an improvement of 16%. This process normally takes 30 to 90 days of engine running.

With cars and light commercials the product reduces detonation and pinking and helps to keep the engine in a better running condition, reducing spark plug fouling, keeping the engine oil cleaner and prolonging engine life.

All of these claims are readily demonstrable. Instal our product and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose as we offer a 90 day full money-back guarantee.

We offer the following reports for your consideration:-

NASA (confirmation of tin oxidation technology)
America's space agency confirms what we have known for decades

International Tin Research Institute
Archives contain much valuable data going back to WWI, when the technology was first developed.

Sir Jack Brabham OBE (3 times F1 world champion)
Who better to evaluate Fuelstar than this former stand out Formula I champion

Dr Jim Sprott OBE, world authority on fuel oxidation chemistry
former advisor on fuels to the New Zealand Government

Ron Wilkinson, Chartered Chemist - elucidated the science behind the technology
former research scientist with CSIRO (Australia)

Tony Woods, former principal dealer for Australia
Has had more hands-on experience than anyone with Fuelstars in the small engine market

Other tests, approvals and endorsements


Consider this

The Fuelstar product has been supplied for more than 20 years
with more than 200,000 units in use. All customers are totally satisfied.